We have considerable expertise in developing products incorporating USB technology. These range from high-volume hand-held consumer products through to specialised scientific instruments and industrial equipment.

Universal Serial Bus or USB [usb.org] is a modern solution to the problem of connecting peripherals to PCs. Although it offers many advantages over traditional interfaces, USB is often perceived as complex and technically risky to implement. Our experience can smooth the introduction of this technology to your products.

We enjoy a close working relationship with Cypress Semiconductor, the world's largest supplier of USB silicon. Together with Cypress, we've developed innovative techniques to help companies move to USB. We are able to help their customers build completely integrated solutions, offering hardware design, firmware and driver software.

In addition to Cypress products, we have significant experience with other manufacturers' USB peripherals, including the National Semiconductor USBN9603 family and the Atmel AT89C513x

As part of our commitment to USB product development, we hold a USB Vendor ID and can provide legitimate Vendor/Product ID for all devices we develop.  We also own USB 2.0 High-Speed bus analysis equipment.

Cypress Semiconductor CY4601 USB to Serial Converter

We assisted Cypress Semiconductor in the development of their CY4601 reference design - a USB to RS232 conversion system, based on the HIDCOM.SYS driver.

Since the Cypress release of this reference design, we have continued to develop the drivers for this product, and are able to offer our clients a considerably improved version.  Current versions feature improved robustness, improved application compatibility (for example, you can now use PnP modems) and improved performance on current PCs.

We have also assisted a number of clients in obtaining Microsoft WHQL certification for products using the driver, allowing it to be installed without annoying warning messages, and giving end-users confidence as to their product's quality and stability.

Please contact us if you require customisation of this driver or its associated firmware, or think that the enhanced functionality might be useful in your application.

As you might expect, we have a great deal of experience in the type of systems for which a USB to Serial solution can appear useful - in addition to the HIDCOM driver route, we can frequently suggest alternative 'driverless' techniques which may be more appropriate.