CASE STUDY: Food Inspection System

Categories: Electronic Design, Embedded Software, FPGA Design, Windows CE Applications.
Client: AviJohn Electronics LLC

AviJohn Electronics is a West-Coast US company who develop and manufacture a range of high-speed food inspection systems.

Their systems scan a flow of product thousands of times per second, making super-fast decisions about a product's quality, based on size, shape and colour. Arrays of electronically triggered ejectors can remove a defective product from the stream – pin-pointing a single grain of rice, if necessary.

We've worked with them to provide the sophisticated analogue and digital electronics within their systems, as well as a revolutionary user-interface which allows simple configuration of a complex piece of equipment.

Our integrated skills in electronic design, embedded software and user-interface applications have enabled us to provide some of the core technology to these systems, despite being based thousands of miles from our client.

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